Incredible Edible Science

Learning about Science in a new and tasty way.  What makes Popcorn POP?  What makes Ice Cream freeze.  A perfect blend of Science and Fun. 

Crazy about Chemistry

Let our crazy zany professor guide your students through the Ooey gooey Slippery slimy smoky world of chemistry.  The students Help us perform crazy experiments as we explore chemistry with household items

Is it Magic or is it Science

We help the children become interested in science and the scientific method by presenting it as a magic show. But it’s not magic… It’s science

Bubble-Ology 101

Learn about the science of bubbles in a fun and foamy way.  In this program we studied the real-life applications of bubbles and bubble technology.  From Military applications to Medical Technology and Nuclear Physics We learn the way of the bubbles Structure Matter and Energy.  Big scientific principles applied and learned to the tiniest of bubbles.  Teachers and students alike will enjoy this program as we put several in a giant bubble.

   All of our science programs can be geared for any grade or age

Program can be presented in class by class or in an assembly setting.  These are hands on and use student participation